Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Clawing My Way To A Bear Prediction?

Every year I see it happen... The Christmas season comes along and what it brings could make or break you. People go out of their way and out of their minds, to buy the best gift.
Only to realize, maybe they should have bought them some stock for the holidays?

Every Holiday season could be reeking of the benefits soon to come, by simply knowing when a stock does it's best or even possibly, it's worse?
I'll have more to say about that later...

I feel the need to talk about "Nike" right now. NKE
Just because "I knew I should have gotten into them years ago?"
Eventually they go up steadily? Although they are a gigantic corporation soon to be bigger!
It's still a good stock.
From June to Dec, it seems to do it's best and then into the new year it ends. Almost every summer it peaks. A long with the Christmas season, it is a stock that does very well but also tends to drop off before and after the end of the year?
Do not underestimate this stock though!
It also likes to jump after the new year, or easily take the fall...
The trick of course is to know when they have hit rock bottom?
So if you like to Short a stock or maybe take a chance while it may be Low? I think this year and the next will be similar to the years of NKE.

Not knowing yet what may happen... I would SHORT NKE just before NEW YEARS.
Then BUY when I thought they might be at their bottom after that?
I would not buy them tomorrow either though... I would wait till Monday or Tuesday?

"Stock Risky"
The Bear(Paul Clos)

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