Monday, November 26, 2007

The Real Winner Of Cyber Monday Is...

With all the talk of retailers having to cut prices and in turn suffer though lower profit margins, shouldn't we be focusing on the bigger picture here? The mighty Google is the one directing a ton of traffic to all these different sites this holiday season. Not only that, but a smarter consumer that is looking for bargains is going to be more inclined to click on an ad or two while looking for the perfect price on a product. The more people that search for all these high tech gadgets and anything else they are looking for on the net the better...

More traffic = More Searches = More Money For Google

But wait there's more, in case you missed it Yahoo's server's weren't working for part of the day. Customer's couldn't even complete transactions through Yahoo on this all important Cyber Monday! Imagine all of those retailers that are going to come running over to Google Checkout... what better reason to switch then to have Yahoo let you down on one of the biggest days of the year! So guess where all those potential customer's went? That right, straight over to a site that allowed Google Checkout. With the Google Checkout promotion ending at year end this will certainly be a great future revenue stream for the big Goog.

So while I am continuing to be behind the Google Train, you had better think about waiting until after the next fed meetings coming up to be on the safe side, or just put on some now and some after the meeting. While I do believe the fed will cut, if they don't you will be able to get in at a lower price... Either way this is one of the best Long-Term holdings out there.

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