Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is Wall Street On Sale?

If your a long term investor, it is times like these that you need to be taking advantage of. The markets have just been terrible to start the year, losing everyday but today if your stocks are in the Nasdaq. As an investor you need to ask yourself, "does my stock have anything to do with Housing or a US bank", because if not the story behind when you invested in the first place hasn't changed. It might have simply been taken down artificially along with the rest of the market. Going on sale if you will...

The markets go up and the markets go down, the past week or two almost every thing has been going down though, no matter what sector. Try to focus on the future, the housing problem and the banking mess is only going to last so long. Global growth will trump any minor slowdown that we have here in the states in the long-term. Plus, the fed cutting interest rates is only going to bring the bulls back, especially if we get a quarter cut this next meeting.

Companies like Google, Boeing, Yum, Royal Bank Of Canada, and Vasco are all looking good at this level. Boeing (ba) is at a 52-week low even after it "blew past an order record it set two years ago, selling 1,413 commercial jets in 2007 while delivering 441 planes, its best showing in six years." Google (goog) unveiled several more partnerships at the CES (Consumers Electronics Show), but the market doesn't want to hear any good news at this point. Yum Brands (yum) is China the safe way, Royal Bank Of Canada (ry) has a fat and safe dividend yield. Vasco Data Securities (vdsi)is almost back to where it was after the last earnings fall. The bears have taken over all of these, and many more quality stocks. This historically means we are thankfully near the bottom.

It seems at this point though that we do need The Fed to act. If they don't we will get hammered again, whether we deserve it or not. I this that is half the reason the markets have been so jittery, no one really knows for sure what The Fed is going to do and that means fear...

Take advantage of this volatility, and pick up some of your favorites stocks on sale! Remember, you are buying over time, build a position in a stock, not buying it all at once. Another tip for market dips is to buy your dividend paying stocks. As a stock goes down it's dividend yield goes up, which means that you can get more cash or stock dividends for your dollar than you could have at a higher stock price. As a long term investor you should be owning these type of stocks for their steady dividend income.

Don't let panic cloud the future fundamentals...

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